VIDEO: Review of Project 2007 Task Settings and Display Administrative Options

This is the beginning of a video series targeted to Project Server Administrators.  These are being done by the Program Managers who own the features and are designed to give you some insight into the what and why of the administrative options.  Consequently, these are NOT professionally produced.

Note: This video will require the Silverlight plug-in. You should be prompted to install this plug-in automatically.   Video hosting is provided by

Usage Notes

Below the video is a toolbar, which enables you to control the video.

  • For better viewing, make the video full screen by clicking the rightmost icon (square with a dot in the upper right hand corner.
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  • The second icon from the right will show you the chapter marks, allowing you to jump to specific places within the video.
  • The regular player and volume controls are on the left of the toolbar.

As this is an experiment for us, please leave a comment below on your perception of these videos and any suggested improvements.


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  1. Treb and Dave are working on a series of Silverlight video blogs around task statusing and timetracking

  2. Shameless copy from Brian’s post this morning: Treb and Dave are working on a series of Silverlight video

  3. Steve Mullen says:

    The video stops after chaper 1 (around 33 seconds into the video).

  4. Treb Gatte says:


    Which browser and OS are you running?



  5. Steve Mullen says:

    I’m running Windows XP and IE7 – fully updated. I got it to work on another system with the same OS and browser.

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  7. Ed Hanna says:

    Very good job.  Nicely demonstrates the power of video presentations.  I think everyone in the EPM community would benefit (e.g. better understanding of the product; less need to develop home-grown training) if we had a complete pick-and-choose library of these video clips on important topics.

    We need more of this type of work. Thanks for taking the initiative on this.

  8. KevinH says:


    Windows Internet Explorer


    Silverlight error message    

    ErrorCode: 2104

    ErrorType: InitializeError      

    Message: 2104 An error has occurred.    




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