Infrastructure Update and Help Articles

The following Help articles have been updated to reflect changes included as part of the Infrastructure Update.

Microsoft Office Project 2007:

· Assign a resource to a task

· Enter costs for resources

· Overview of project cost information

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007:

· Create or modify a custom field

· Managing jobs (events) in the Project Server Queue

· Report the status of my tasks

· Submit my timesheet

Comments (2)

  1. Greg says:

    I have problem withthe Project 2007 infrastructure.  

    There are a few tasks in one of my projects that show grossly inaccurate calculations for resource allocation.  For example, a 13 day task consisting of 112 hours shows up as 1600% allocation for the assigned resource.  Another task, scheduled to take 9 days and 70 hours shows the resource allcated for 7800%.  I am not able to change allocation percentage;  I can change one, but then if I change anything else the values that I have changed revert to their original incorrect value.

    Any ideas?

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