Timesheet Classifications

You can use classifications on timesheets to categorize the work being performed in your organization. For example, you can set up classifications for billable and nonbillable work.

To use classifications, first you need to set them up in Project Web Access. On the Quick Launch, click Server Settings, and then click Timesheet Classifications to set up the classifications you want to use in your organization. If the classifications you want to use are already created, make sure that they are set to Active status so that they are available for selection on timesheets. For more information on setting up classifications, see Set up timesheets and task status.

Once you create your classifications and set them to Active status, team members can select a classification when they fill out timesheets. When adding a line to a timesheet, a team member can choose a category of work from the Select a line Classification list. For more information on choosing classifications when adding timesheet lines, see Add or remove a timesheet task (line).

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