New to Project? Try the Project Management Quick Reference Guide

It can sometimes be a challenge for new users to find their way through Microsoft Project on their way to becoming project managers.  The Project team has just produced another Help product that will help you understand Microsoft Project-The Project Management Quick Reference Guide. This template can be downloaded and printed out for ease of use. Now you have another tool to help your organization achieve its project goals.

Note that the guide requires Word 2007.  The guide was written for Project 2007 but it has a lot of information in it that also applies to previous releases.

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  1. From the Project team blog (this looks like a useful end-user Project guide): "It can sometimes be a

  2. From the Project team blog (this looks like a useful end-user Project guide): "It can sometimes

  3. A disgruntled admin says:

    I can’t download the guide in a non internet explorer browser because it can’t tell whether I have microsoft word installed or not, let alone a legit version. And what if I had an office alternative product anyway. An absolutely childish restriction of the microsoft office website.

  4. Thanks for the feedback.  I sent this on to the page owners and there currently isn’t a workaround.

  5. Rohit Thakur says:

    Thanks for the post Heather. It was very helpful. I’ve been recently working on Project 2010 and couldn’t find some of the options mentioned in the Quick Reference Guide since it’s for Project 2007. I tried to find Quick Reference Guide for Project 2010 but I don’t seem to be able to find it. Can you please share the link if it’s already out?

  6. We only have limited help resources out for Project 2010 right now. You can find all of them at

    If you have specific questions, you should try the Project 2010 newsgroup

  7. Greg Wendt says:

    2010 is so different from 2007 in the UI that I don't see this guide as being useful.  In 2007 I can find my way around nicely – in 2010 not so much.

    Just for reference I've been using MSP for over 20yrs and have yet to see a good reference guide from MicroSoft.

  8. Michael Samadi says:

    For an easy reference card to find your way around Project 2010, download our free quick reference card series:

    Best Regards

    Michael Samadi

    EPM Architects, Inc.

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