My Tasks Page and Colored Lines


You launch the My Tasks page in Project Server 2007 and you see these colored lines next to your tasks.  The first thing that comes to mind is what do they mean? 

Below is the key to these colors.  Please bear in mind that these colors are meant as guidance and are subject to the influence of pending approvals and updates. 

  • Green - This indicates a New Task
  • Yellow/Orange - This task will be due soon.  Orange will be due sooner than Yellow
  • Red - Overdue/Past the due date.

Lastly, a pink background on the finish date denotes that it is past today's date. 


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  1. Interesting point at

  2. Kalyanji Rana says:

    what is time consideration for yellow and orange colored lines?

  3. The orange line means the deadline is tomorrow and the red line means the deadline has already occurred. These timeframes are not adjustable.


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