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It can sometimes be a bit challenging to find just the right spot among Microsoft's many web sites to find that solution to your Project question. Here is a quick list of the major sites that contain Project help content:

Office online

Office Online is the primary spot to find Help content about all Office products. You can specify where you want to search for Help, and you can restrict the scope of your search to online or offline or to a specific category within a program. You can search for up-to-date Help, templates, training, videos, or additional online content .

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Popular links:

Project Roadmap--        

Available fields--

RSS feeds for Project--

Community resources--

Coming soon:

Project Management Quick Reference Guide (downloadable Word template)


If you are Developer, you want to go to MSDN. MSDN provides articles, whitepapers, interviews, and sample code for software developers using Microsoft products.

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          Popular links:

Portfolio Server download materials--

Project 2007 SDK--

Getting started with development for Project Server--

          Coming soon:

Update to the Project 2007 SDK


If you are a Project IT Pro, you will want to go to Technet to learn everything you wanted to know about Installing and deploying Project and Project Server across your organization.

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           Popular links:

Managing your timesheets in Project Server 2007--

Project Server 2003 SP3--

Operations manual for Project Server 2007--

          Coming soon:

          Administrative Role Guide for Project Server

          Troubleshooting guide for the Project Server Queuing Service

Customer Service and Support team

If you need to troubleshoot a problem with Project, search Microsoft's extensive Knowledge Base articles on our product support pages.

Go to: for Project client for Project Server

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  1. My questions is regarding Server Farm account permissions under section "Server farm-level accounts" in the following document.

    Plan for administrative and service accounts (Project Server)

    We have multiple accounts for each component as per that document. We haven’t tested this scenario. After initial setup & configuration, can we revoke SecurityAdmin SQL rights for Farm admin account? What would be the effects of revoking that right on EPM?

  2. Feche says:

    I try to create new view for the Data Analysis with the fields "Baseline Finish and Baseline Start", but i can´t see it in the field list.


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