HOWTO: Deploy Project Web Access 2007 ActiveX controls via SMS

One of our support engineers, Anil Kumar, created the following instructions for using SMS to remotely install these controls.

If you are implementing Project Server 2007, your users will have to download the ActiveX controls before they can view Project Center and Resource Center.  In order to do this, you have to have the rights to perform the installation.  Many corporations have this capability locked down.  The alternative is to use a tool like SMS to deploy the controls to your user's machines.

Deploy Active X controls of Project Server 2007 via SMS

  1. Active X controls reside in two .cab files located on your project server site in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\PWA\OBJECTS\1033.

  2. You will need the following two .cab files:


    • (in the 1033 sub folder or other language folders)

  3. Copy the .cab files and extract to a location on your SMS Server.  This is technically called as "Data Source" in SMS

  4. Create a batch file using the following script. For example, you can name the batch file activex.bat

  5.    1:  ================================================================
       3:  CLS
       5:  XCOPY *.* "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files"\ /q /r /h /y
       7:  regsvr32 /s "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\pj12enuc.dll"
       9:  regsvr32 /s "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files"\pjres12c.dll"
      11:  regsvr32 /s "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files"\PJPrint12.dll"
      13:  regsvr32 /s "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files"\PJTEXTCONV12.dll"
      15:  regsvr32 /s "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files"\PJGRID12.ocx"
      17:  regsvr32 /s "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files"\PJQUERY12.ocx"
      19:  del "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\" /f /q
      21:  del "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\" /f /q
      23:  del "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\activex.bat" /f /q
      25:  EXIT
      27:  =================================================================  

  6. Copy the batch file to the same location as mentioned in Step 3.

  7. Create a "Package" and mention "Data Source" as the location we have extracted the files as in steps 3 in SMS Console.

  8. Expand the "Package" and select "Program" and point the batch file in SMS console.

  9. Create an "Advertisement" and mention the name of the "Package" and "Program" as created in Step 7 in SMS Console.

  10. Run the "Advertisement"

  11. Once you get the message that it is successful, login to PWA of Project Server 2007 and click on "Resource Center" or "Project center" and you should see the data without prompting you to download Active X controls.

This script is presented as is with no warranty.  Please test in your environment before running broadly.

 UPDATE:  Some of the double quotes were in the wrong place in the example above.  This has been corrected.

Comments (13)

  1. Furqan says:

    I find it easier to just use Visual Studio and create a Setup project, add all the dll files to the project and ensure the properties are set to register for each and the build a MSI file which is easily deployable…

  2. Jean-Francois LeSaux says:

    This is a great document for deployments. Could also include how to deploy OWC and the Outlook Add-On?

  3. Greg says:

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Microsoft just properly MSI packaged these with the product as released?

  4. Hammett says:

    it’s impossible to copy in folder "Downloaded Program Files" !!!!

  5. mberri says:

    would it be useful if i posted an MSI package which i have created which you can deploy via GPO? It installs and registers the activex cabs.

    I got fed up of trying to automate this using scripts and trusted sites settings, which never worked.

    If so i will post a link to download it.

  6. Samir says:

    The article starts with….

    "your users will have to download the ActiveX controls before they can view Project Center and Resource Center"

    can someone provide a url to the download page for Project 2007 activex controls? The closest search result pointed to a 2003 activex control.


  7. Tiffani says:

    Mberri… yes please! I would love to have access to your msi package for use with GPO…

  8. Ivo says:

    Please publish the link to your MSI package. Can’t believe that Microsoft didn’t do it in the first place.Thanks in advance

  9. Ivo says:

    Mberii, please publish the link for the MSI package, having the same problem to deploy ActiveX

  10. I created a VS 2008 solution to generate the msi file.  You can download it from here

    Hope it helps.  I have been able to successfully deploy via GPO once I created the MSI.

  11. Muhammad Tahir Khan says:

    When i am running proje Server 2007 it is required Project web access

  12. Florian says:

    It’s possible to copy files to "c:windowsdownloaded program files" –> just use a ZIP-Program –> extract the files with this program to "c:windowsdownloaded program files"

    you need to have administrator rights on the machine

  13. Thierry says:

    The above process is perhaps fine if you create a SMS package as recommended, but my target is to create a MSI.

    When I prepared the one for OWC11 I noticed that this method does not create 2 Classes in "c:windowsdownloaded program files" : Pj11enuC and PjAdoInfo3

    I got them by capturing the execution of download from PWA site.

    Is there a solution to create these 2 classes for OWC12 ?

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