Project Server Collection

This Project Server centric collection is being released as a way to keep you connected with the Project Server community, even if you don't have Outlook 2007 or have any other RSS reader.  Since it is web-based, you can access this collection from any web connected device. 

In addition to the blog feeds, this collection also contains links to commonly referred Project Server web sites. 

Need the latest Knowledge Base articles for Project?  It's there.  Need to find the Deployment Guide for Project 2007?  It's in the favorites.  Hopefully, this encompasses everything you need to learn for Project Server 2007.

If you already have a customized page, this collection will be added as a new tab.

Note:  you will need a Live ID to use this collection.


Comments (2)

  1. p_sir18 says:

    I try to get into Manage View. Select My asignments, and try to find ID column, but i failed.

    I need somebody help me to add a ID column in the My Tasks Page.

  2. p_sir18 says:

    Error summary/areas:

    Reporting message processor failed


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