Can I get access to your team site?

After discussing this situation with Eric Zenz, I found out we made a change in the 2007 release that makes it easier to manage who has access to your project's team site.

In 2003, you had to be on a project's team and assigned to a task to get access to a project's team site.  So, everyone wound up with a "Give Access" task on the project plan.  This task, though, gave everyone on this task read/write access.  To give someone read access, you had to set up these people manually.  If the company had this SharePoint administration permission locked down, the PM had to ask the application administrator to add these "read only" people to the team site.  Now multiply this request times 600 team sites and it can get to be quite a bit of maintenance.

In 2007, we made some improvements in this regard.  Resources are automatically granted read access to the project's team site when they are added to a project's team via TeamBuilder.  When a resource is assigned to a task on the plan, they automatically get contributor read/write access.  This makes it easier for the Project Manager to provide wider access to the team site without having to learn WSS security administration or make life interesting for the application administrator. 


Comments (4)

  1. Amigos says:

    Hi Treb,

    This is an important improvement.

    We’ve discovered this new capability during a research we made regarding the synch permission mechanism.

    Please be aware that the help text (in the Server Settings page) states for wrong information:

    *Project managers who have published a project or who have Save Project permissions on a project are added to the Project Managers (Microsoft Office Project Server) site group.

    *Team members with assignments in a project are added to the Team members (Microsoft Office Project Server) site group.

    *Other Project Server users with View Project Workspace permission on a project are added to the Readers (Microsoft Office Project Server) site group.


  2. PJ Mistry says:

    Please bear in mind that the Project Server and Sharepoint security synch is not dynamic. For eaxmple, after first adding a team member to view Sharepoint data you wish to give the user read/wrtie access, you have to assign this user to a task on the project, SAVE/PUBLISH and ALSO synchronise the workspace MANUALLY via Server Settings.

    Wish this synvhronisation happened dynamically on publishing the project.

    Hope this input helps.


    PJ Mistry

  3. R Halbach says:

    I’ve been asked to give everyone in our IT department  contributor rights to all workspaces.  As it stands now, only the resources on the project have access to the workspace.  Is there a way to accomplish this?

  4. Megan says:

    We have migrated to 2007, however we are still having issues whereby not everyone in the organization can access all workspaces [as it is suppose to work]. I constantly have to as our IT department to add specific DL’s to WSS’s which will allow departments that can’t access the WSS’s sites access.  However this is not ideal as the tool is suppose to allow everyone access if they are a user in the tool.  Is Microsoft aware of this issue?

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