So many blogs, so little time…

There's so much being published on Project related blogs, its hard to keep up with it all.  So, attached is an OPML file which contains the RSS feeds for the a number of Project related blogs. 

This file can be imported into and read using Outlook 2007 if you follow the instructions here:

If you don't have Outlook 2007, you can also use Microsoft's as a free web based RSS reader.  Once you log in using your Windows Live ID, you can click Add Stuff, Advanced options, then use the Import OPML function to create the listings.  Once the listings are there, you can drag them down on the page for viewing.


UPDATE:  In order to see the attachments for blog posts, you have to click on the post header to get to the details page.  Then, the attachment is visible at the bottom of the post.  My apologies for the confusion.


Project Server Blogs.opml

Comments (3)

  1. Tony Zink says:

    For those who like to view things in a web browser, the MS Project Reporter ( aggregates 17 different MS Project related RSS feeds and displays extracts… all in one place.

  2. angie wilde says:

    dear  mory ansheley   octber  20  2007  

    movies so little  time  new one tape box  1  

    thank  you i whch on the tv tape  movies  

    i  love you  angie wilde  

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