Programming Update

I wanted to let the regular readers of this blog about a change in blog stewardship. 

Lidiane has relocated to Boston from Redmond for personal reasons and has joined another Microsoft team there.  We wish her well and thank her for her great work on Project 2007 and the Project blog.  As a result, she has passed on the blog coordination role to me.

My name is Treb Gatte and I'm also a Program Manager on the Project Server team.  I've been with Microsoft a little over a year and have been a Project Server user since Project Server 2002 Beta.

One of our goals is to increase the number and regularity of posts such that you receive a steady diet of updates and new information.  If there's a topic you would like to us to address, please add your request as a comment to this post.  I can't guarantee that every submitted topic will be addressed.  However, we can't improve our targeting unless we know what you, the reader, needs.  Please spread the word about our effort.

I feel it's very important that we inform you of some ground rules going forward. 

I wanted to address linking expectations from the Project blog, before I receive a request to link to someone’s site.  You can use this as a general guideline for the Project Blog and the Programmability blog as our team does both.

You will note, as a service to our readers, we provide a list of Project Community Blogs.  These sites were placed here as a result of web searches and not as a result of linking requests.  These are blogs or sites which have created content that is freely shared with the Project Community.  Most of these sites are either created by Microsoft employees or by our Project MVPs.  A great deal of these authors also participate on the UseNet in performing community support for the Project forums there.  Consequently, they are viewed as a valuable community resource.

If you have a Project related site and you wish to have us link to you, make it easy for us to find you.  You will need to have freely available content that would be of interest to the Project community.  You should also practice generally acceptable blogging practices of tagging such that your site will appear in a Technorati or other Blog related search engine.  Finding you is worth one hundred requests to link to you. 

If you are selling something in addition to the content, please note our link will be to the free content.  Otherwise, we could be seen as endorsing your product/service/etc. which we simply can't do.  As this process is subjective, we will be very conservative in our linking.  If there's any doubts on our part, our default response will be to not link.

As I'm now receiving all of the incoming email and trackbacks, I have a simple request.  If you have a comment or question, please post it as a comment to an existing post.  Many of the emails that I'm receiving are on topics for which I either can't answer or shouldn't answer.  If you post your question as a comment, you can draw upon the wealth of Project community that visits the site for a more timely answer.

Again, thank you for your readership!  Stay tuned as there's much more content to come.

Comments (5)

  1. Jerry says:

    Treb —

    Will there be any thing like Project Server 2003 Sample database with the final release of Project Server 2007?



  2. PatrickConlan[MS] says:

    We have a richer sample system on the way soon.


  3. Ramon says:


    I’m trying to add an enterprise resource via PSI to the project dataset, but when I call the queue create project, I get an error indicating that the res_UID is not valid.

    Is it correct to use the ProjectResource table in the project dataset to add enterprise resources to the project?

    Is there any special thing that needs to be done?


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