Reporting Database Documentation Published

If you are interested in writing reports over the Project Server 2007 reporting database, Jim Corbin has published some documentation on the database.  You can find it here:

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  1. Hristiyan says:


    First, thank you all for the help you do try to give us!

    Now I want to ask the question straight – is it possible to have two or more rows in the actuals for the same line (simply with same TS_Line_Uid), so different values for the hours and the comments for the day can be given. I’ve been trying that for some time now and so far with no success, though I got a bunch errors while executing the job.



    Note: the “TimeByDay” column is different in any second actual row (with same date but different time) in order to have the lineUid/timeDate columns unique relation.

  2. PatrickConlan[MS] says:

    Hi Hristiyan – thanks for the feedback. This is possible but you need to add a new element "class" via LinesRow.TS_LINE_CLASS_UID in the Timesheet dataset – so you can enter a single datapoint for each line/class/day combination.

    You can create new classes through the UI or the Admin.UpdateLineClasses psi.

  3. CN says:


    We had customized Issues and Risks List.  Unfortuntately Reporting Queue/Event will not update those in WssRisk and WssIssues tables in the Reporting database.

    What is the best practice to extend RDB to accomodate this?

  4. Rajeev says:


    can anyone tell me how i can know the status of task is it completed or not.

  5. Kevin Jones says:

    I have data in a SQL table that I want to bring into a Project Center view inside Project Server 2007.  Is this possible?

  6. Joaquin Nunez says:

    The following information was very useful. Thx!

    If you are interested in writing reports over the Project Server 2007 reporting database, Jim Corbin has published some documentation on the database.  You can find it here:

  7. Naveed Saqib says:

    Where can I find Project Server 2010 reporting database diagrams?

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