Project 2007 SDK – RTM Version Now Available

This announcement just arrived in my inbox.


The official Project 2007 SDK has been released to the web!    You can either download and install it locally or you can access it via the web.  The Project Developer Portal has also been updated to reflect new content.


What’s New?

The RTM SDK includes 72 topics. There are updates of topics from the previous beta release, plus the following new topics:

·         How to: Calculate Resource Availability in OLAP Cubes

·         Walkthrough: Creating and Using Custom Project Server Permissions

·         Using Security Methods in the PSI 

·         How to: Write a Simple Impersonation Application 


The PSI reference has been updated with new code samples for methods in the Project, Resource, Statusing, and Timesheet Web services, among other changes.


To Download the SDK

Go to this link: .

The pj12ProjectSDK.exe download includes:

·         pjSDK2007.chm (conceptual topics and managed code reference)

·         pj12ReportingDB.chm (Reporting database schema reference)

·         OLAPCubeSchemas.xls lists the dimensions, measures, and properties of the Project Server OLAP cubes

·         SDK code samples, including the updated Project Tool source and executable.

To Access the SDK Online

To access the Project 2007 SDK in MSDN online library, go to this link:

Project Developer Portal  

Project Developer Portal in the Office Developer Center on MSDN includes links to the Project 2007 SDK,  Project 2007 blogs, as well as the Project 2003 SDK. Following are the other main pages in the Project Developer Center:

·         What’s New for Developers in Project 2007 includes links to MSDN Webcasts.

·         Project Community includes an RSS feed for the Project 2007 Team Blog, and other Project blogs and sites.


To find related content and SDKs, please check out the Office Developer Centers and the SharePoint Developer Center, which have links to the SharePoint SDKs and downloads on MSDN.  Then check out the Project Programmability blog to see how this knowledge can be put into action.



Comments (11)

  1. Jerry says:

    SDK? OK Thanks for the links.  

    1. What is the arrival date of Microsoft Project Server 2007 RTM.

    2. Will Project Server Work with SharePoint Server 2007 on the Same Machine?

  2. Hi Jerry,

    Office 2007 products (including Project) will be available at retail early in 2007, so you’ll be able to get your hands on them soon. Business customers will be able to get Office 2007 through the volume licensing program before the end of the year. You will have to check with your Microsoft representative for more specifics.

    I’ll have to ping some folks about question #2.



  3. Jamie F says:

    Thanks for the link to the SDK. A couple of questions:

    1. Microsoft Project Pro 2007 is available on MSDN for subscribers. Will Project Server 2007 show up there as well someday? (It’s not there now.)

    2. I’ve started looking through the reporting DB documentation. What are the chances that there will be a more readable/browseable format of that released? The Visio diagrams and help/*.htm files for the Project 2003 schema were very handy.  Maybe I need to make my own.

  4. Jerry says:

    Hi Treb,

    Thanks for the reply.  Its OK that we will get the retail version in early 2007 but what about RTM. As Jamie F questioned? is it available for download at MSDN.  

    One quick Question: Can i install Project Server Beta II Technial Refresh on the same machine where SharePoint Server 2007 RTM is already installed? (If RTM is not comming (:) does’nt like my statment.



  5. Jerry,

    WSS and Project Server can reside on the same server.  However, both products should be at the same release level.  (RTM to RTM, etc.)  See next post for MSDN announcement.

    As for the Reporting DB documentation, the P12 SDK download includes pj12ReportingDB.chm with comments for most of the tables, views, and fields, and links to the online fields reference.  


  6. Jerry says:


    Last night I downloaded Project Server 2007 and SharePoint 2007 Trial Version from MSDN.  I uninstalled the Sharepoint Server 2007, updated my SQL Server from 2000 to 2005.  When i Installed SharePoint Server and without running the sharepoit configuration wizard I run the setup of Project Server 2007 but i felt like in hell to see a Message "You can not install any server products on machine which already has any previous traival Version licensse…bla bla … setup will not exit. ".  so i search on the web and found this link

    and i cant belive with the answer from the page…

    This article is a placeholder for future content. It is included in this documentation to illustrate the proposed structure. This documentation is updated regularly, and new information is added on a regular basis. Please check back often.


    Can I install Both SharePoint Server 2007 and Project Server 2007 Trial Versions on same machine or not?



  7. Jerry,

    I think what happened is that you installed WSS standalone version, when the Project Server product installs WSS as a part of its process.  Try it again if possible, just using Project Server.  You should get both WSS and Project Server. Let me know if this works.


  8. Jamie,

    If you are having issues finding the releases, see Christophe’s blog at with instructions on how to find it.  Also, check out the programmability blog as updated documentation was posted there.


  9. Jerry says:

    Thanks Treb —

    Yea this point came to my mind when i tried to install both MOSS 2007 and Project Server 2007 on the same machine.  So I did was to only install Project Server which automatically installs WSS 3.0.  So i stick with it until i got hold of Project Server 2007.  I have to forget MOSS until WE (My Company is Gold partner) got the final release until Jan 30 (My Guess).  

    Once again thanks for the guidence.



  10. Rich Gar says:

    Hi Treb,

    For Project 2007, will there be a copy of the Project Guide files made available as there was in the Project Guide 101 kit for Project 2003?

    If so, could you identify how to get those?

    Thanks much in advance for your response — and for all you are doing for support.

    Rich Gar

  11. Rich,

    This very question has come up internally very recently.  I don’t yet have an answer for you but I’ll post as soon as I do.



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