How do I register to get a beta copy of Project 2007?

Many of you have asked me about how to get access Project 2007 Preview version. We are currently planning on releasing a Beta this Spring.  This release will be public and you can register to receive a copy at the Microsoft Office Preview site.


Keep in mind that this is a Beta release and there will be no product support for it. Having said that, the product is excellent! I highly recommend signing up. You will get a great preview of what’s coming up.


All versions of Project 2007 will be available through this Preview program (Standard, Professional and Server). If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send me a message.


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  1. Is Project Server 12 compatible with Virtual Server products? If yes then does it have performance issues as PS2002 & PS2003 have?


  2. Treb Gatte says:


    As I believe you were at the Project conference, almost all of our demos were done using Virtual Server.  We were typically running Project Professional locally and connecting to the Project Server in VS.  That said, you would want at least 2G of RAM to run Project Server in VS to get reasonable response times.  This may improve as performance tuning progresses but no guarantees.

    Project Server under Virtual Server might make a good development/demo environment.  However, PS within VS is not a supported configuration for production use.  Once we get to Beta 2, I’ll have to try out the build under VS to see how things have improved.  I hope this answers your question.

    Treb Gatte

    Program Manager

    Microsoft Office Project

  3. Hi Treb,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes I was at Project conference & that was wonderful. I’ve used PS2003 on Vmware for demo.

    Let me rephrase my question to what I wanted to know. I wanted to ask specifically about PS12 on VS 2005 R2 after reading KB916533 . Sorry for that confusion. Does PS12 work better with new Virtual Server 2005 R2 than previous VS product/s in terms of performance etc?

  4. LSOUZA says:


    I am not sure how much improvement Virtual Server 2005 has over the previous versions. Regarding the KB article, the items listed there were very CPU and disk intensive in PS 2003. Many of them, such as the Cube Building for example, have changed in PS 2007 such that they no longer have that problem but if you have a process that’s going to hit the disk and CPU hard, you’ll see similar slowdowns.  This is a limitation of Virtual Server.

    For the Project Conference we did use the latest VPC version and did set at least 2GB of RAM (as Treb mentioned above) that seemed to work really well. We didn’t have any considerable slow downs with PS 2007.

    It may also be worth reading more about what Virtual Server 2005 has done to improve on performance.

    Hope this helps!


  5. Lidiane,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.  That answered my question. I’d try PS12 on VS 2005 R2 if I get a beta version of it.



  6. Rinat Abdullin says:

    Just a couple of questions:

    1. Are there any improvements in Resource Leveling? Is the RL API going to be open (i.e. to customize behaviour).

    2. Is Web access going to be tied to IExplorer only?

    3. It would really help if there was a possibility to tie custom information to the Task dependencies (without messing with the DB and Add-ins). Are you going to provide that kind of functionality in P12?

  7. Chuck says:

    When will Portfolio Server 2007 be available for beta, and how do you go about registering for access to that product?

    This looks like an exciting product that I’m anxious for our PMO department to start looking at…

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