Data Migration Test Program

For those of you who already read Treb Gatte's blog, this is no big news. We have started a new program to test migration from Project Server 2003 to Project Server 2007. Our main goal is to get a good range of test coverage for mitigration to make the process as smooth as possible to customers. We have our own data sets for testing these scenarios but getting real customer data is invaluable to us.

There is some work involved to participate but those who do will have the benefit of getting the results of the tests directly from us. If you are interested in learning more details about the program and how to enroll, please read the full article on Treb's blog:

Treb is also a Program Manager in the Project team. He is responsible for IT governance, Server Side reports among other initiatives.


Comments (3)

  1. Max Fink Oyanedel says:

    I would test for 3 mounth in mine computer program Project micrisoft de last version.

    Thank you


  2. How to start the Data migration testing ? says:

    The Data is been Migrated from Production mode to testing Mode..

    I have to check the wheter the system updates the respective datas in the respective table.

  3. Senbag says:

    We will provide all the possible support for testing the implementation of MS Project Server 2007 Implementation.

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