Microsoft Office Announcement

A few days ago we have released the official names for the new version of Office:


Microsoft Office 2007 and therefore, Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007, and Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007. The link above has all the information about the Office 2007 Suite packages as well as the pricing for all Office applications.


You can also find some short articles about the new user interface for the core Office applications and the new file formats. Project has decided to stay with the core user interface have shipped in the past (menus and toolbars), so most of the information on that will not impact Project users though it’s an interesting read for users of Word, Excel and Power Point.


It may take me a while to start referring to Project “12” as Project 2007, as we have been using the “12” codename for a while. They are both referring to the same product, so hopefully the transition won’t be too confusing.


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