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Many of you know that we have acquired UMT (http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2005/dec05/12-15PortfolioManagementToolsPR.mspx). Many of the members of the UMT development team have moved out here to Redmond to join the Project team. It has been very exciting to welcome everyone as they arrive from Romania. We are really looking forward to the work we’ll be able to do together.


Since our team is growing, we have a number of new openings and an SDET Lead opening on the Project test team.  If you're looking for a new opportunity, we're looking for several Software Design Engineers in Test.


Full Description:

Come join the Microsoft Office Project Team to help make Microsoft live Project Management, make global Fortune 500 companies rely on it, and make 100 million people love it.


Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor.  We have a number of both senior and entry level openings on the team and are looking for the best and brightest.  If you know Win32, C#, ASP.Net or other web-based technologies, if you're a team player, if you can rattle off the bugs you see in the software products you use, and want to do something about it.


Successful candidates will need to be well-rounded; both technically competent and a strong tester in their own right.  The candidate will be a part of a highly trained team of application and server testers.  Project or Portfolio Management skills are a plus. If you know what a work breakdown structure is, or have working knowledge of the PMBOK scheduling field definitions and want to explore a new opportunity, I'd like to talk with you.


If you have experience with software testing methodologies – If you understand and can describe in detail how to approach testing software at the unit, function, and feature level, if you can write test automation, if you can test a server technology and understand the complexities of server scalability, if you're always thinking of a better more efficient way to do what you do, I'd like to talk with you.



Our Test Manager, Andy Seres, has done an excellent job with our test team. We have a group of very talented people who are making a huge impact in marking Project "12" a very high quality product. If you are interested in applying feel free to send me a message and I'll get you in touch with him. Thanks!

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  1. ali reza says:

    I am a power electronic engineer

    Ali – Microsoft hires people who are very smart and passionate about computers, regardless of your major. If you are interested in applying for a job in Project, please send me a message. -Lidiane

  2. satheesh.g says:

    sir to join ur project team please help me

    If you are interested, please send me a message (not a comment) with your email and I’ll send you more information about the process. Thanks, Lidiane

  3. Nirmala says:


    [Lidiane] Can you please send me a message directly? I’ll forward your email to the hiring manager who can send you more details about the positions and application process.

    Thanks & regrds

  4. Joe says:

    Hi Lidiane,

    I have been the MS Project product manager for my company since 1998,  and I am a member of the Project Advisory Council.  I am responsible for product integration testing, end-user support, and product deployment.  I have a certificate degree in project management from the University of Washington.

    If you are interested in talking with me please contact me at my personal email address: joepeltier@gmail.com


    [Lidiane] I have forwarded your information to the hiring manager. Thanks for sending it to us and for your interest in the team.

  5. Hello Lidiane,

    I read blogs on a daily basis. I feel inspired by your text. The excitement you feel about project 07 is palpable and refreshing. Microsoft is lucky to have you.


    [Lidiane] Hi Rafael, thanks for the nice note. I am super excited about Project! We’ve been working really hard and we all really proud of the results. We are always looking for feedback as well, so if you have a chance to get Beta 2, please do and don’t hesitate to contact me with your insights. Thanks again.

  6. mabusharkh says:

    Hello Lidiane,

    I am a Microsoft Project Consultant in Dubai. I have done several implementation to many big customers.

    I have created a component that enable you to create and manage the schedule with the same feel and look of MS project on the web.

    I would like to participate to make a huge impact in EPM 12.

    This is my email abushark@hotmail.com


    [Lidiane] Hello Mohammad, I have forwarded your contact information to the hiring manager. Thanks for your interest.

  7. shahabuddin says:

            I am shahabuddin shaikh.I would be completing my Masters Programme in Software Developnment and Management in march 2007.I want to join Your Project team.
    can You please tell me more about your project and will i be able to join your team after my course.

               waiting for your reply.

    [Lidiane] Hello Shahabuddin, can you send me a message with your email address so that I can forward it to the hiring manager? Thanks.  -Lidiane

  8. vc says:

    Hello Lidiane,

    Iam a Project Server Administrator  who is using Ms Project 2003.I have implemented Project Server in my organisation and developed custom reports in ASP for Project Server,also worked on .Net Projects.

    Would like to join your team? If interested pls respond to vcl_03@yahoo.com


    [Lidiane] Hello! I have forwarded your message to the hiring manager. Thanks!

  9. LSOUZA says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve been on vacation and then catching up from the vacation… so apologies for the delay on a new post and replies. For everyone who has given me your email address, I have forward it to Andy Seres who is the hiring manager. He will likely be contacting you for more information/resume.  If I missed anyone, please send me a message directly – we are definitely interested.

    Thank you all for the interest in the team!


  10. MartyBiggs says:

    When will Portfolio Server go into Alpha/Beta testing and how can I become a tester for this product?  

    Thanks for your time.  Please respond to mb@trustedco.com.

  11. Kareem says:

    Hi Lidiane,

    Welcome back, I hope you spent a nice time during your vacationk!

    Thank you for this informative blog, it really rocks, I’d like to apply and this is my personal mail address : kareem.shaker@Gmail.com

  12. Prakash KS says:

    Is this Test work force requirement for Dubai position?? Google search lead me to this link, when I was looking for Testing Project Opportunites in Dubai.

    mail me : ksprakash69@hotmail.com / leoprakash@yahoo.com

  13. Mamane says:

    Hi Lidiane

    I’m very interested by this project! I’m PMP, APMC & Microsoft Project Blue Belt certified. I’m currently providing consulting and training services on EPM solutions.

    If there are still positions opportunities, let me know.

    Best regards

  14. LSOUZA says:

    Hello Mamane,

    Please send me a message directly with your resume and I’ll forward it to the hiring manager.

    Please visit the Microsoft Careers site to learn more about the technical positions: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/careerpath/technical/default.mspx



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