Monday Mail Bag

Here’s a couple of emails that were received that may be of interest to others.  WSS to MOSS Migration We received a query regarding how to upgrade from Windows SharePoint Server 2.0 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server(MOSS).  As you should install MOSS prior to installing Project Server, you’ll want to first upgrade your existing WSS…

Backup and Restore Project Server 2007

This post comes to us courtesy of Mark Shea of our Office Assistance area. Introduction This post will guide you through the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 backup and restore process by using the the SharePoint Central Administration Web site. Set up a file share If you do not already have a remote file share…

Suggested Security Reading

I’ve been meeting with Phil Smail, fellow program manager and resident Project Server security guru, on laying out the Project Server security configuration for a Project Server 2007 instance within Microsoft.  I was fairly familiar with the Project 2003 Security functionality so I knew basically what I wanted.  However, it quickly became apparent to me that are several new and…

Resource Management

    Hello, My name is Dave Ducolon and I am a Program Manager for Microsoft Office Project/Project Server.  It is my pleasure to write about and to discuss Resource Management and other related topics for the 2007 release.  Resource Management is at its best a hard job.  And at the core is Capacity Management and…


Programming Update

I wanted to let the regular readers of this blog about a change in blog stewardship.  GOOD LUCK!Lidiane has relocated to Boston from Redmond for personal reasons and has joined another Microsoft team there.  We wish her well and thank her for her great work on Project 2007 and the Project blog.  As a result, she…

Reporting Database Documentation Published

If you are interested in writing reports over the Project Server 2007 reporting database, Jim Corbin has published some documentation on the database.  You can find it here:

Project 2007 SDK – RTM Version Now Available

This announcement just arrived in my inbox.   The official Project 2007 SDK has been released to the web!    You can either download and install it locally or you can access it via the web.  The Project Developer Portal has also been updated to reflect new content.   What’s New? The RTM SDK includes 72 topics….

Project Programmability Blog!

As we are on the verge of releasing Microsoft Office Project 2007 we want to help our customer and partner community by providing a forum for learning how to develop applications that communicate with both Project Server and Project Client. There are three of us manning the Project Programmability blog, Patrick Conlan, Phil Smail and…


Project Server – Outlook Integration

The Program Manager in Outlook (Melissa) and one of our Program Managers here in Project (Jon) collaborated on a post explaining the integration between Project Server and Outlook in this release. These posts go into nice detail about how you can manage your tasks directly from Outlook. This is an especially important feature for team…


Beta 2 Technical Refresh Download Links

Get the lastest versions of Project 2007 below:  Project 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh   Project Server 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh   All other Office 2007 downloads: