Motley says: “Agile doesn’t change testing – developers can just throw code ‘over the wall’ to the test team”

Summary     Motley: Developers should just throw the completed code “over the wall” to the test team when they are done. There is nothing different with testing in an agile world vs. a waterfall world.     Maven: Testing in an agile world is a completely different way of thinking about testing. “Testing” becomes…


Motley says: "More test automation is always better"

Summary   Motley:  A tester’s job is to find bugs, so measure them on the amount of bugs they find. More test automation is always better.   Maven: Do not measure testers by the amount of bugs they report. Think of the test team as more a quality assurance team than a quality control team….


Motley says: "I can’t write tests before application code – there’s nothing to test."

Summary   Motley: You can’t possibly write tests before code – there’s nothing to test.   Maven: Writing tests for a method before coding it has all kinds of design advantages. ______________________________   [Context: Motley has been writing unit tests for a week. Maven wants to take the next step]   Maven: Hey. Looks like…


Motley says: "I am a developer – I don’t test. Testing is for the test team."

Summary   Motley: Unit testing is the test team’s job! I am not paid to write tests.   Maven: White box (unit) tests help with code quality and give you confidence to change your code. ______________________________   [Context: During a previous conversation about debugging, Motley stated that he doesn’t do unit testing]   Motley: Yeah,…