Motley says: “Branches are for trees, not source code”

Summary   Motley:  Branches are too complicated. The last thing we need is a copy of the code that has to be maintained in two or more places!   Maven: Branches are source code copies with a tie back to a mainline set of code that allow for easy integration between copy and original set…


Maven and Motley have Faces!

Thanks to the brilliant work of a coworker and friend, Fred Chao, Maven and Motley now have faces! You can see them in the title bar of the blog and in the about page. Thanks, Fred!  Motley: Maven:  


Motley says: "Tell it like it is, no matter how many bodies you leave behind"

Summary   Motley: Tell like it is. We have a business to run and getting straight to the point is most efficient.   Maven: Interpersonal skills help you ascend the career ladder. Don’t be a jerk. Some tips include avoid interruption, ask questions, use more “I” vs. “You” statements, understand the person you are speaking…


Motley says: "To be a lead developer, all you need is technological know-how"

Summary   Motley:  To be a lead developer, technical skills are absolutely the most important. Everything else is secondary, tertiary, and whatever word comes next.   Maven: A lead developer must lead from several different perspectives, including people, process, and technology. To properly balance technology and people, build a great team, learn to delegate, and…


Point for Maven – Wideband Delphi Estimation works!

Summary   Motley:  I admit it – Wideband Delphi works! It helped us generate fairly accurate estimates for longer-term planning and the documentation of our assumptions kept everyone on the same page and provided rationale for our numbers.   Maven: Um, what Motley said. ______________________________   [Context: For the past few months, Motley and his…


Happy New Year from Maven and Motley!

Hello all, Happy New Year! Hope you had an enjoyable and restful holiday season with your friends and family. Maven and Motley are back from their extended hibernation. I was out of town for the majority of November and a good chunk of December, so that left little time for spying and reporting on the…


Maven and Motley on hiatus through November

Hello faithful readers! I just wanted to say that Maven and Motley will be on hiatus through the month of November 2008. I will be on vacation and Maven and Motley will be coming with me :-). I’ll try and get one more post in before I leave, but no promises. In the meantime, please…


Motley says: "ALL developers are the same – introverted and logical. No exceptions."

Summary   Motley: All developers have the same personality type – introverted and logically-minded. A personality test for a developer would be a waste of time.   Maven: Build a diversified team with different personality types; learn what type of personality each person has as everyone is different, and break down communication barriers with this…


Motley says: "Developing international software is really, really hard. We need a brand new version."

Summary   Motley:  Developing international software is really, really hard. We need brand new binaries to ship in other languages.   Maven: Follow these tips when developing for international markets: design for one worldwide binary, ensure the software is globalized, do not build strings at run-time, expand UI labels by 40%, and test with pseudolocalized…


Motley says: "I must conform to the wishes of the management team, even if they are wrong"

Summary   Motley:  I must conform to the wishes of the management team, even if they are wrong. I need permission to modify the organization-wide processes.   Maven: Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Break the rules if it is best for the team, then say “sorry”. Be accountable for results,…