Motley says: "Rely on the debugger to write solid code"

  Summary   Motley: I rely on the debugger when I am writing code. Without it, I’d have a really hard time tracking down all the bugs in my code.   Maven: Write code as if the debugger does not even exist. Include unit tests, assertions, tracing, logging, static analysis, and internal consistency checks in…


Motley says: "Money – that’s what I value!"

  Summary   Motley: Money is the thing I value most! Is there anything else?   Maven: Determine what your values are that guide your life both at work and outside work, and use that to derive a guiding personal vision statement. ______________________________   [Context: Motley and Maven are about to grab lunch on Maven’s…


Motley says: "Forget the vision – it will just cloud your judgment"

  Summary   Motley: Forget a vision – it will just cloud your judgment!   Maven: A vision statements guides your decision making. Ensure every project has a vision and create your own personal vision statement. ______________________________   [Context: The story picks up the first time Maven and Motley meet at Cynthesis Software]   Maven:…


Welcome to Progressive Development!

Welcome to the adventures of two software developers named Maven and Motley! This blog discusses best and worst practices of software engineering with an entertaining twist.   Motley is  a programmer who has been in the industry for a while who has good technical skills but continuously practices a wide assortment of archaic development methods….