Motley says: "Where has James been hiding?"

Motley: Where has that lazy piece of work, James, been hiding?


Maven: I was just wondering that myself. I have not seen him in a few weeks. Let me check his Facebook page - that should clue us in.


Motley: It figures that he would update Facebook before talking to us. What is this world coming to?


Maven: It is an electronic universe, Mot. Ah, yes, says here James went on vacation for a while and then did a Mission trip to New Orleans to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Sounds like he has been too busy to talk to us! He's also got quite a few updates in Facebook around summer stuff that has taken him away from the computer and friends.


Motley: He's just lazy. That's what I think.


Maven: Give him a break. I'm sure he'll be back shortly. Hmmmm… here is an interesting update. He wrote an article for the Shaping Software ( blog on Lessons Learned in Software ( Looks like it might be an interesting read. I bet he summarizes a few key points from interactions with us! I have to surf over and give it a read.


Motley: I've got better things to do, like clean my ears.



James' Pointer:  Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Life has been busy, as Maven eludes to. Between work and home life I haven't had much time to breathe. Check out the article above for some of my recent writing, on J.D. Meier's most excellent blog (


Stay tuned for more upcoming adventures with Maven and Motley.

Comments (2)

  1. Lior says:

    We missed you guys.

    glad to hear that you came back to us.

  2. Mave and Mot have been pretty busy lately, but they’ll try and put together some more conversations in the near future.

    Let them know what topics you’d like to see!

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