Motley says: "What’s wrong with mixing Scrum and Waterfall? You get a nice ‘Scrummerfall’!"

Summary   Motley:  An effective modification to Scrum is to do a requirements sprint, followed by a design sprint, implementation sprint, test sprint, and stabilization sprint. It has the benefits of Scrum and has commonality with our older processes, which makes the developers happier.   Maven: Scrummerfall, or mixing traditional Waterfall with Scrum, is less…


Motley says: "Where has James been hiding?"

Motley: Where has that lazy piece of work, James, been hiding?   Maven: I was just wondering that myself. I have not seen him in a few weeks. Let me check his Facebook page – that should clue us in.   Motley: It figures that he would update Facebook before talking to us. What is…


Motley says: “Slow down to go fast? Do I look like a tortoise?”

Summary   Motley:  There is no harm shortcutting a few steps of development to meet a deadline. Some up-front check-in steps just take too much time.   Maven: Slow down to go fast. Obey check-in checklists or you will pay for it later in the development cycle. Pre-check-in tasks such as code reviews, unit testing,…


Motley says: “"Vertical Slices"? Sounds like something you do to salami”

Summary Motley: Build an application according to architectural layers, from the bottom-up. Maven: Build an application using vertical slices. Build just enough UI coupled with underlying layers such as an object and data model, to satisfy a user scenario. Deliver customer and business value at the end of every sprint to ensure feedback early and…


Motley says: “Branches are for trees, not source code”

Summary   Motley:  Branches are too complicated. The last thing we need is a copy of the code that has to be maintained in two or more places!   Maven: Branches are source code copies with a tie back to a mainline set of code that allow for easy integration between copy and original set…


Maven and Motley have Faces!

Thanks to the brilliant work of a coworker and friend, Fred Chao, Maven and Motley now have faces! You can see them in the title bar of the blog and in the about page. Thanks, Fred!  Motley: Maven:  


Motley says: "Tell it like it is, no matter how many bodies you leave behind"

Summary   Motley: Tell like it is. We have a business to run and getting straight to the point is most efficient.   Maven: Interpersonal skills help you ascend the career ladder. Don’t be a jerk. Some tips include avoid interruption, ask questions, use more “I” vs. “You” statements, understand the person you are speaking…


Motley says: "To be a lead developer, all you need is technological know-how"

Summary   Motley:  To be a lead developer, technical skills are absolutely the most important. Everything else is secondary, tertiary, and whatever word comes next.   Maven: A lead developer must lead from several different perspectives, including people, process, and technology. To properly balance technology and people, build a great team, learn to delegate, and…


Point for Maven – Wideband Delphi Estimation works!

Summary   Motley:  I admit it – Wideband Delphi works! It helped us generate fairly accurate estimates for longer-term planning and the documentation of our assumptions kept everyone on the same page and provided rationale for our numbers.   Maven: Um, what Motley said. ______________________________   [Context: For the past few months, Motley and his…