Motley says: "James is taking advantage of us again" — Progressive Development wins an award!

    [Context: Motley just found out that James has been taking advantage of the conversations between Maven and him, and he's not pleased]

    Motley: Hey Mave, do you see James around anywhere??

    Maven: You know him - he's always eavesdropping on our conversations. Wait - I just saw his head pop up and then pop down as I noticed him.

    Motley: Yeah, and now I hear he's taking advantage of us! Did you hear that he won an award for publishing our conversations?!? OUR conversations?!? And he's not even giving us credit!

    Maven: You mean we were involved in some kind of award? Well, if I look at it like the glass is half full instead of half empty, that's pretty cool! Conversations that you and I have were acknowledged by someone as useful!

    Motley: Oh, you're such an… optimist. I wanted to use a different word, but since James publishes these things, I better watch myself. I don't want to look like an a-

    Maven: So what kind of award?

    Motley: The Society for Technical Communications (Puget Sound Chapter) gave him a Merit award for technical excellence for his blog called "Progressive Development". Do we really progress software development? Anyway, it's nice to have my name in lights, but he needs to share some of the credit.

    Pasted from <>

    Maven: Wow. I'll have to make sure I congratulate him! I don't need any credit. It's nice to know that we are contributing to making software engineering a more mature profession by helping developers, one at a time.

    Motley: Oh cut the politically correct crap. If they cut him a check, I want in!


    A word from James: It's great to have a bit of recognition for the blog. Getting the award is an honor. As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any feedback on the content - positive or negative - please do either leave a comment or send me an e-mail. And by the way:

    Thanks Mot! Thanks Mave! You deserve all the credit!

    … and there's no check, Mot. 🙂

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