What are Exclusive and Inclusive?!

I wanted to address our most frequently asked question here. In the profiler reports we always report both an exclusive and inclusive statistic for each function.  For instance, in sampling mode, each function in the function list reports “Exclusive Samples“ and “Inclusive Samples.“  In instrumentation mode, each function in the function list reports “Exclusive Time“…


Visual Studio Team System TechEd 2004 General Session Demo

FYI – This is a video recording of the general session demo on Visual Studio Team System given at TechEd 2004http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=f8538aa3-f12f-4c44-b6f6-c655ac08f1cf&DisplayLang=en [ejarvi]


A misconception and a brief geneology

I saw a misconception on a blog summary of our DEV302 talk at TechEd that I wanted to clarify. The Team System Profiler (affectionately called F1 internally) is not just a combination of existing profiler add-ons available on MSDN.  The product will be a combination of several internal tools that have been used for years by…


Tech-ed Reminder: DEV302 session, Thursday 5/27 1:30pm

I just wanted to toss up a reminder for anyone interested in the profiler to please go see our PM Eric Lee give a more in-depth demonstration of what the profiler can do for you (and static analysis too!).  [Steve Carroll – scarroll]

Managing how you Profile .Net Code

There are three environment variables needed for a .Net application you wish to profile. The profiler team has provided VSPerfCLREnv.cmd to set these variables for you.  The switches for this helper file are:  for trace (instrumentation) profiling: /traceon for standard .Net profiling /tracegc to get allocation events as well for sampling: /sampleon for attaching to a .Net…


profiler video clips

Here’s a video clip of the profiler at work: http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/1/d/11d5f95b-f75d-4921-8a32-46a14c4d1448/Static%20Analysis-Perf.wmv Also PREfast and FxCop videos: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=77c4e99a-b035-43ab-a0a4-b52e29e2a89c&DisplayLang=en [ejarvi]This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


.csv files from vsperfreport.exe

Just this morning someone on an internal microsoft list pointed me to a promising looking (and free) .csv parsing tool – http://www.logparser.com/  It claims the ability to run SQL queries against CSV files.  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community/scriptcenter/logs/logparser/default.mspx  This could be handy for looking at the .csv files that are generated by vsperfreport, especially if you need to do this stuff programmatically.  And…


Profiling is great! … What does it do?

The profiler has been gone from Visual Studio for awhile.  I think… 6.0? Or maybe even 5.0 was the last incarnation.  The core idea is to provide a tool to find those parts of your application that are preventing it from meeting performance goals, and to help document where the critical time being spent in…


running from the command line

Typically, you can run the “Visual Studio Command Prompt” shortcut from the start menu and then have full access to visual studio command line tools.  The good news is that the profiler can be run completely from the command line.  The not so good news is that in the CTP build this shortcut is not…


tech ed 2004

Well, our trusty PM is at Tech Ed, and the rest of us are sitting back at a safe distance in Redmond!  We’ve been firing on all cylinders in order to get this stuff ready, and this is the first time our product has ever been announced so it’s quite a day for us. If you’re at…