VS2010: Profiling In Progress (PIP)

With Visual Studio 2010 we want to make it clearer when you are profiling your application within the Visual Studio IDE. To accomplish this we added a new control which we call ‘Profiling In Progress’ or PIP, which we show when you launch the profiler or attach the profiler to a running application.

Our goal was to show something simple and lightweight while profiling and to make a few simple operations possible. PIP in VS2010 is shown below:

pip_1Currently profiling. Pause profiling. Stop profiling or exit the application to generate a report.

The progress/spin control indicates that the UI is responding and there are two links:

  • Pause profiling, which changes to ‘Resume profiling’ when clicked. This has the same effect as clicking on the ‘Pause profiling’ button in the Performance Explorer.

  • Stop profiling, which kills the application and finishes profiling.

After profiling completes, PIP changes to show that we are about to open the report.

pip_2 Preparing to open report… This might take a while if your symbol server is slow or not responding.

 [Colin Thomsen]

Comments (2)
  1. bob53050 says:

    Can you please provide a walk through for profiling a WCF service with all of the needed steps in the IDE of VS2010 RC?


    Bob Hanson

  2. profiler1 says:

    Hi Bob,

    That’s a good suggestion and something we will definitely consider for a future blog article, although we’ve already got a pretty decent backlog of articles.

    If you have any specific questions please post them on our forums at:




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