Very Quick Tip: Getting the most out of your screen for viewing call trees

I spend a lot of time in the profiler's Call Tree view when I use the profiler.  When you are really digging deep into the tree, screen real estate becomes a big issue.  There is one very simple Visual Studio trick that really helps out so you can get more of the call tree on the screen at one time without scrolling around.  Set the focus on the call tree view and hit Shift-Alt-Enter.  It will bring up a full screen view of just the document you are working on which makes it much easier to do the data analysis (especially on wide screen monitors).  This works in all VS documents. 

[Steve Carroll - scarroll]

Comments (1)

  1. For deep call-trees you might also want to consider using the new Visual Studio 2008 Noise Reduction options for trimming and folding the call-tree


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