Articles on new Visual Studio Team System 2008 profiler features

I’ve recently been working on a series of post on my blog about many of the cool new features that we are adding in Visual Studio Team System 2008 (codename Orcas). So I figured that I’d post a quick link here to all the articles that I’ve finished so far. Collecting Performance Counter information with…

S. Somasegar on new profiler features

S. Somasegar the VP of Developer Division has just put up a post on his weblog detailing some new profiler and debugger features up coming in VS 2008. Check out the article here. [ianhu]


Another welcome…

Chris Schmich, a former intern on our team, is now back in town and working full time on the profiler. He has a blog up and running as well, starting out with the Obligatory First Post.  [ianhu]

Welcoming Colin to the profiler team

We recently added a new team member here in profiler land and he’s up and kicking with a blog already. Check out Colin’s blog here for his first entry on basic profiler scenarios. ~Ian

Introducing new Visual Studio Profiler Features in the Orcas Beta

Hey all, I’m rolling out a new series of articles about the new Visual Studio Team System Profiler features that will be included with the latest Orcas beta release. Check out the first article on comparison documents here.  ~Ian