Job Opening on the Profiler Team!

We're hiring!  If you're passionate about performance tools and want to be a developer on the profiler team, please submit a resume here:



Job Title: Software Development Engineer

Job Category: Software Development

Product: Visual Studio

Job Code: 129730

Location: WA - Redmond

Do you want to help take the Visual Studio suite of development tools to the next level? Interested in areas of dynamic program analysis such as local and distributed program performance, memory usage, code coverage and deployed software health? The eDT team, part of Visual Studio Team System, is looking for a developer who’s passionate about improving software quality through better tools. We use various deep technologies like instrumentation and sampling, to gather information about program health. We work at a pretty low level, using device drivers and debug and profiler APIs in the .Net framework. We’re responsible for delivering great tools for both our external and internal customers.
This position requires an understanding of low level engine code and the ability to solve tough technical challenges in tight constraints. Come help us design and build the next generation of tools in Visual Studio Team System.
Must have 4 or more years experience developing production software using C/C++. Knowledge of device drivers, debugging and profiling technologies and the .Net framework would be advantageous.



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