Welcome John Lyon-Smith

John Lyon-Smith, a new hire for our team, has just started up his blog. Check out his first entry on counting bits.


AngryRichard on Profiling Windows Services

It’s one of the most frequently asked internal support questions.  This should help with the learning curve. http://blogs.msdn.com/angryrichard/articles/Profiling_Windows_Services.aspx [AngryRichard]  


New team blog posts

There are a couple of new posts from some of the profiler team members:   Steve Carroll answers the question “Why are there two copies of my function in Instrumentation mode function report?”   And Ian Huff looks at how to profile signed binaries in instrumentation mode.   [ianhu]


Maxim’s Blog

Maxim Goldin, a developer here on the profiler team, has just started up his blog. Check out his first entry on “Why function callees sum up with more than 100% in Caller/Callee view” here.   [ianhu]


The Profiling Team’s Greatest Hits: Volume One

Here is an article that links to all the walkthroughs and technical articles from various team members regarding the new profiler in Visual Studio Team System 2005. [ianhu]


Beta2 – Profiling a unit test in progress

If you are using Visual Studio Team System Beta 2 and using the profiler on unit tests, there is a small issue that you should be aware of. Currently the IDE does not stop you from right clicking on a running unit test and clicking “Create Performance Session.” However, doing this will get you into…


Offroad ASP.net profiling

Interested in profiling an ASP.net application outside of the IDE? Or in some special configuration? Dave Gray’s article on off-road ASP.net profiling will give you lots of info on profiling your ASP.net applications. [ianhu]


Gray…it’s the new Black

David Gray is an early Microsoft employee who left the company several years ago, but he has recently returned to work on the profiler team. He’s just started up his MSDN blog, check out GrayCode here. [ianhu]


Profiling ASP.NET apps with the help of unit and load tests

OK, so it’s not quite the cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but here is the basic process of profiling an ASP.NET app with the help of automated load test tools: http://blogs.msdn.com/ejarvi/archive/2005/04/21/410467.aspx