A misconception and a brief geneology

I saw a misconception on a blog summary of our DEV302 talk at TechEd that I wanted to clarify.

The Team System Profiler (affectionately called F1 internally) is not just a combination of existing profiler add-ons available on MSDN.  The product will be a combination of several internal tools that have been used for years by our internal performance teams (such as the SQL performance teams and the NT performance teams).  However, we are not just packaging up the internal tools and calling it a day.  They have all been enhanced with many new features.

Those components are:

a) a Call-Attributed instrumentation Profiler.  We have extended this profiler to work in managed and mixed mode and added functionality to analyze CLR allocation data.

b) a Low-Overhead Profiler is our sampling profiler.  It now shares much of the same data collection and analysis infrastructure of the instrumentation profiler.  It also now produces allocation data and works for managed and mixed mode.

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