running from the command line

Typically, you can run the "Visual Studio Command Prompt" shortcut from the start menu and then have full access to visual studio command line tools.  The good news is that the profiler can be run completely from the command line.  The not so good news is that in the CTP build this shortcut is not yet updated to include the profiler tools.  It's not so big of a deal if you know where to look:

  • ...\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Enterprise Developer Tools\Performance Tools is what should be set in the PATH environment variable.  Note:  When you add this, especially if you are doing so from the command line and using tab completion that automagically adds quotes, be sure that all quotes are removed before actually setting the path.  When the path to perf tools is quoted, Windows fails to load DLLs that the profiler tools need. 

  • Try /? for command line help with the tools

  • For advanced users who intend to control instrumentation from directly within their source code, vsperf.h is included in the ...\Performance Tools\PerfSDK directory, which should of course be somewhere in the INCLUDE environment variable.


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