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The Suggestion of the Week Award goes to MSDN Product Feedback Center user “Mike Taulty” for the suggestion:

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Thanks for helping make Visual Studio a better product and keep the great feedback coming!


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  1. Innes says:

    Hi, The ‘make a suggestion’ facility at the feedback centre doesnt work for me.

    I try and make a suggestion, and it forces me to search for an existing suggestion, then bounces me back to the ‘home page’.

    (the same happens with ‘report a bug’.)

    (in both firefox and internet explorer)

    Here’s my suggestion:



    Allow specification of a ‘data source’ longer than 128 characters, to support ‘direct’ connections (no TNSNAMES.ORA).

    ‘Direct’ connection details (a made up term) are possible with Oracle.DataAccess.Client.dll. You specify a chunk of ‘tnsnames.ora’ style text instead of the alias of a connection specified in tnsnames.ora. This means you can connect to an oracle database without adding an entry to tnsnames.ora.

    The only reason this isnt possible in OracleClient is the aforementioned limit of 128 chars for dataSource.

    When decompiled, modified to remove this check, and the recompiled, OracleClient supports the same ‘direct’ connection datasource specification as Oracle.DataAccess.Client.

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