Comparing “valid” bugs

If you compare the rate of resolutions for just valid bugs (meaning reproducable, not by design, and not duplicate) submitted by customers versus the internally submitted ones, the fix rate is almost the same and we're "Won't Fix"ing fewer customer issues.

Bugs Internal  MSDN PFC Suggestions Internal  MSDN PFC
Fixed 79% 78% Fixed 23% 19%
Won't Fix 14% 12% Won't Fix 44% 30%
Postponed 7% 10% Postponed 33% 51%

Marie Hagman

Visual Studio Program Manager

Comments (3)

  1. AT says:

    Thanks Marie,

    Is it possible to see timings chart for submission / first response / closed statuses ?

    On one side are reports count, on another side are time for a status change.


  2. Marie Hagman says:

    We are currently tracking average time to first response (currently at about 7 days overall with some teams averaging much less). I look into pulling values for time time to resolution and close as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Marie posted a look at our responses to issues and suggestions reported to the MSDN Feedback Center.

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