Customer Feedback Stats as Compared to Internal Bug/Suggestion numbers since Beta 1 release

Bugs Internal  MSDN PFC Suggestions Internal  MSDN PFC
Active 15% 12% Active 9% 6%
Fixed 43% 30% Fixed 12% 11%
Not Repro 8% 20% Not Repro 2% 4%
Won't Fix 8% 5% Won't Fix 23% 17%
Postponed 4% 4% Postponed 17% 29%
By Design 8% 13% By Design 7% 15%
External 2% 3% External 4% 6%
Duplicate 12% 14% Duplicate 24% 13%

Comments (3)

  1. AT says:

    Not bad.

    Somethat high Non-Repro and By-Design for bugs. But this is probably due to unability for external users to access intertim builds, product specifications and possibly little user expirience with product / bug reporting process.

    Any way to get absolute values ?

    Or at least ratio for Internal / MSDN PFC for bugs / suggestions.

    This will be realy interesting to see how big effect community (and I as part of it 😉 has in product development.

  2. Marie Hagman says:

    Your assumption is correct about Not-Repro, the resolutions are split between not reproducing issues on our latest builds and not enough detail in some customer submitted bugs. For By Design, the majority of issues in this bucket were reported by customers because the features they were trying to use to accomplish a task were either not the right features or did not behave as expected. The next most common reason bugs were resolved as By Design involved features that were missing or changed from a previous version of Visual Studio and some were from missing functionality from an Express SKUs.

    The ammount of customer feedback since beta 1 is not a insignificant portion of the total bugs. The ammount of suggestions received from customers are roughly double those submitted by internal employees. Publishing the absolute numbers is an issue of debate internally so I can’t provide those for you at this time.

  3. Dharmesh says:

    Package Load Failure


    Package ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSCorePackage, Microsoft.VisualStudio, Version=2.0.3600.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ has failed to load properly ( GUID = {7494682B-37A0-11D2-A273-00C04F8EF4FF} ). Please contact package vendor for assistance. Would you like to disable loading this package in the future? You may use ‘devenv /resetskippkgs’ to re-enable package loading. Application restart is recommended, due to possible environment corruption.


    Here are the offending packages:






    And in the VS Install log I’ve got these errors for the aforementioned packages:

    03/28/04 16:44:08 DDSet_Error: CreateInstance failed for package [SdmDesignerPackage] GUID={39509E1B-E019-4B2C-835F-784430144E08} HRESULT=0x7fffffff

    Anyone else got this problem?

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