A quick note on manually creating DPM Catalog for SharePoint backup

… before I forget wanted to put a quick note on how to manually create DPM catalog for SharePoint 2013 item level recovery. After you have created the protection group and created the recovery point, if you want to test item level restore, you need to wait for a day so that DPM can run…


Configuring SharePoint 2013 Forms-Based Authentication with SQLMemberShipProvider

Another post I did for our Team blog site… how to configure SharePoint 2013 with SQLMemberShipProvider. check it out.. http://blogs.technet.com/b/ptsblog/archive/2013/09/20/configuring-sharepoint-2013-forms-based-authentication-with-sqlmembershipprovider.aspx  Cheers! Priyo


Configure SharePoint 2013 Search with PowerShell

wrote a post a while back that’s posted on your official Team blog on how to Configure SharePoint 2013 Search with PowerShell. There is a script in the blog as well that you could use to test it out in your lab. Check it out – http://blogs.technet.com/b/ptsblog/archive/2013/09/19/configuring-sharepoint-2013-search-with-powershell.aspx  Cheers! Priyo


Configure SharePoint 2013 Farm with PowerShell

A little PowerShell script that I often use while setting up my demo environments. There is more addition to this coming… For sake of sanity… there is a zip file attached to this post with the ps1 file in it.   Clear-Host # Values mentioned below needs to be edited  $DatabaseServer = “SQL01”; #SPecify the…


SkyDrive Pro stand alone client

You can now use SkyDrive Pro without having Office Pro. Download the stand-alone client here. This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


SQL Alias for SharePoint

Technorati Tags: SharePoint 2013,SharePoint,SharePoint Foundation,SQL Alias Having SharePoint connect to a SQL Alias instead of the NetBIOS name is always a good idea. The main benefit is, if you ever have to switch the SQL Server or connect to a SQL Cluster VIP address, you just change the Alias to point to the SQL Cluster…


SkyDrive Pro in SharePoint 2013

I often get this question so thought will document this for easier reference:   What is SkyDrive Pro? – its your My Site in SharePoint 2013. What is SkyDrive Pro client then? – its a Client for Syncing your My Site content on your client machine. Its a part of Office 2013 Standard or ProPlus…


Automating SharePoint 2010 Administration with PowerShell: Cleaning up Central Admin Backup with PowerShell

How about getting rid of all those Backups that has failed? They are just sitting there doing nothing useful anyway. Here is what my Backup and Restore History page looks like… What this gives me is a bunch of SPHistoryObject that have failed: $xmldata = [xml](Get-Content ‘C:\SPBackup\spbrtoc.xml’) $xmldata.SPBackupRestoreHistory.SPHistoryObject | Where-Object {$_.SPErrorCount -gt ‘0’} Now let’s…


Automating SharePoint 2010 Administration with PowerShell: Automating Central Admin Backup

SharePoint 2010 out-of-the-box doesn’t have the capability of scheduling a backup. Fortunately, we have the mix of PowerShell script and Windows Task Scheduler to do the job. In reality it’s just a single line script: Backup-SPFarm –Directory YourBackupDirectory –BackupMethod Full / Differential So what’s so special about this specific script? It sends you an email…


Connecting SharePoint 2013 External List to Outlook 2013

The steps haven’t changed since SharePoint 2010, so I am not going to bore you with how to create an External List that will Sync with Outlook, but something to keep in mind while configuring this, you need to manually enable a feature in SharePoint 2013 before you can do a Sync with Outlook 2013….