SkyDrive Pro in SharePoint 2013

I often get this question so thought will document this for easier reference:


  • What is SkyDrive Pro? – its your My Site in SharePoint 2013.
  • What is SkyDrive Pro client then? – its a Client for Syncing your My Site content on your client machine. Its a part of Office 2013 Standard or ProPlus install and not available as a separate download. this means you cannot use the Sync client if you have Office 2010 or 2007
  • Can I Use SharePoint Workspace 2010 – Yes. it needs a HotFix when installed with Office 2013. Ref: . In fact, if you need to take a list offline, SharePoint WorkSpace 2010 is what you need, SkyDrive Pro client cannot do that.
  • Can I use SkyDrive instead? – No. SkyDrive is the consumer offering and cannot be used as a replacement for SkyDrive Pro.
  • Why does it say SkyDrive on my internal SharePoint site? – its an abbreviation of SkyDrive Pro 🙂
  • Is there a peer-to-peer sync capability with SkyDrive Pro? No.
  • Can I choose what to sync like commercial SkyDrive? No. Not at the moment.


More references:

Update Sep 2013

SkyDrive Pro stand alone client has been released. You can download it from here.


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