SharePoint Foundation Install Error – SQL Server has an unsupported Version…

I just started an install of SharePoint Foundation and while running PSCONFIG hit an error stating that the SQL Server version 10.0.2531.0 is unsupported. Upon further investigation, I found out a rookie mistake:).


My SQL 2008 was running SP1, however the minimum software requirement is 2008 with SP 1 and CU 2 or CU 5 or more.

See the requirements yourself at - and don’t make a rookie mistake like me… lol!!

On a similar note of upgrading your SQL Server and if you have any applications using HTTP SOAP Endpoints – the good news is that they still work with the CU2. It will be removed from future versions and hence plan to move to something else like WCF. I have a few applications running on HTTP SOAP Endpoints and have to move them myself, when I do, I will surely post them here.

I am also testing out the 2008 R2 and SOAP Endpoints on it and will keep you posted.

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