Remotely reboot Windows Server 2003

I know I know its a SharePoint Blog. But I faced this problem in my server farm and thought of posting it so that it helps somebody else too...

So this is what happened:- I came to office and logged on to my Remote Desktop Console to take a look in my MOSS Farm Event Viewers (something I started doing in MOSS Beta 1 days and now I am addicted :-)). What I found was a Event ID 10039 from Office Server Search:

"Retry of query machine 'WFE2' has failed with error: The network path was not found.   0x80070035.  It will be retried again in 60 seconds. Component: 5cfead2d-124a-4532-ab47-7b1bfd618059"

-- Tried logging in to WFE 2 (2nd Web Front End Server) with the Farm Admin Account (local admin on the WFE)

-- Access Denied !!

Thought of remotely rebooting the server (I don't want to troubleshoot such weird error and moreover to see the logs first I have to log in!!)

-- a technet article came handy (meant for XP Pro but worked perfect with Windows Server 2003 Ent x64).. check it out.

Excerpts below:

To perform a remote shutdown

1. Open Computer Management (Local)

2. In the console tree, right-click Computer Management (Local), and then click Connect to another computer.

3. In the Select Computer dialog box, click Another computer, type the name of the computer that you want to restart or shut down, and then click OK. You can also click Browse to search for the name of the computer.

4. In the console tree, right-click Computer Management (Remote computer name), and then click Properties.

5. On the Advanced tab, click Startup and Recovery.

6. Click Shut Down to open the Shut Down dialog box.

7. Under Action, select the actions you want to perform on the computer to which you are connected.

8. Under Force Apps Closed, select the circumstances under which you want to force applications to close when you shut down or restart the computer, and then click OK.


• To open Computer Management, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management.

• You must be recognized as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group on your computer and on the computer you are managing to perform this task.


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  1. I know I know its a SharePoint Blog. But I faced this problem in my server farm and thought of posting

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for posting this….

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