Running ASP / ASPX page on the same IIS box as WSS / SPS


Often people ask me how to use custom ASP or ASPX pages along with SahrePoint. For example, if you want to use FrontPage Database wizard – it wont run on a page that belongs to WSS.

Here is the workaround:

Create the ASP /ASPX page as you want and host it on a different virtual directory on the same IIS box. Now from within the WSS page you can either use page viewer web part or Iframe to display that page.


Now the tricky part – if you just follow the steps above, the ASP / ASPX page will just not run. The reason being, all URL redirection and Security is routed through ISAPI filter (stsfltr.dll) and will not allow and ASP / ASPX pages to run. What you have to do is exclude the virtual directory from SharePoint by going to Site Settings -> Central administration -> Configure virtual server settings from the Virtual Server List page: select the correct virtual server. Select Define managed paths, and add a new path (specified as an URL) as type Excluded path.

Now you are ready to run a custom ASP / ASPX page on the same IIS box.


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