Windows 8 store apps designs fiesta.

If you are developing Windows 8 apps you’d be interested in these 50 (!) design templates:   Better yet – they all come with the source code for both C#\XAML and JS\HTML! Enjoy!  


Would you like to debug your apps on your Surface RT?

Tim Heuer has got a blog post on how to do it:        


Tip: How to avoid missing icon for your app in the store.

When submitting your Windows 8 store app for certification don’t forget to update the StoreLogo.png file otherwise it will come up as a default app icon (cross). In order to do that you just need to go to the last tab in the dialog for your Package.appmanifest and make sure that you have updated the Logo…


How to restore scroll position of the GridView when navigating back.

When developing WinRT applications which utilize GridView or ListView controls you’d come to the situation when navigating back to a page, you need to restore the scroll position of aforementioned controls. The solution that you can employ in this case is to get access to the ScrollView control which is a visual child of these…


How to emulate Navigating event in the WebView.

While working on the Win8 version of the FeedPoint app, I’ve encountered the situation when I needed to be able to intercept a navigation in the WebView control via the link click from the user and show a full browser window instead. Unfortunately the WebView control in the WinRT currently does not implement Navigating event….