Great performance tips when creating WP7 apps.

Kevin, from Clarity has started a blog post series on the tips when developing WP7 applications. Hist first post dives into the nitty gritty details on how to improve performance of your applications. Must read!.


Windows Phone Training Kit has been updated.

The Windows Phone Training Kit has been updated with the RTM bits.  It’s gotten even bigger with 5 new labs: Using Silverlight Map Control and Bing Services Building Silverlight Applications Using Panorama and Pivot Controls Catapult Wars – A 2D Physics Game Using Choosers and Handling Tombstone in XNA Framework Games  3D Game Development with XNA…


Notable WP7 Links (2)

Image slider control ported to run on WP7. Another implementation of the Panorama control. Audio recording functionality on WP7. Multitouch sample on WP7 OData sample that consumes Netflix data services    


Notable WP7 links (1)

A few notable links and information related to WP7 development: Peter desribes how to deal with Orientation changes on the WP7 device. The product group has just made available some application bar icons for download. Changing on-screen keyboard layout. New York Times Silverlight Kit updated for WP7. Foursquare for WP7 on Codeplex. Enjoy 🙂