In the process of updating FeedPoint app.

I am in the middle of updating of my FeedPoint app. Of course I am changing it to work with Feedly API’s instead of Google ones. I am also revamping the UX design for the app. Here’re a few screenhshots of the new Hub page in the app:   The update will be coming soon to the…


FeedPoint Window 8 Store app is released.

My FeedPoint app for Windows 8 Store has been released. You can get it from here:   Description FeedPoint is not just another Google Reader client app. It’s an app that lets you read the feeds in a convenient and intuitive way by utilizing the clean design and providing unparalleled simplicity and readability….


FeedPoint updated for Mango

I’ve finally published the update for my FeedPoint app for Mango. It’s got a few bug fixes as well as Mango specific functionality such as ability to pin live tiles for your feeds which get updates via a background agent. The tiles would get updated with the latest post’s image as a backround tile. This is how…


FeedPoint updated.

I’ve updated the FeedPoint app with the a few requested features: – The feed list screen now has the “mark as read” button. You don’t need to expand the menu for this. – It now allows sorting the feeds by time they were created, such as “sort by newest” and “sort by oldest”. This sort…


Is ANID unique?

When developing the FeedPoint app I needed to encrypt the user credentials in order to store them in the isolated storage. So, I used AesManaged class to encrypt and decrypt the data. As a password key, I’ve decied to use the anonymous ID that we can retrieve utilizing the UserExtendedProperties class and I used the following code:  string…


FeedPoint app has been published.

The feed reader app that I’ve been talking about in my previous posts has been published on the marketplace: I’ve decided not to make it a free app (it just a dollar) due to marketplace restrictions for a free apps. The trial is a fully functional version except for a short message in the…


MY FEEDER is available for beta testing.

The feed reader app that I described in my previous post is ready to for beta testing. So if you own a developer unlocked Window Phone 7, have Google Reader account and willing to beta test the app (I named it MY FEEDER) send me email at alex.yakhnin(at) I’ve also recorded a short video of the functionality of the application.


(Y)et (A)nother (F)eed (R)eader for WP7

I don’t know how about you, but I love the Outlook app on the Windows Phone 7. I like its simplicity, readability, ability to quickly triage the email, etc… I also read feeds every day using the Google Reader on the web. I’ve been looking through a number of available feed readers for WP7 on…