Happy New Year and Best of 2009

I would like to wish every reader of my blog a Happy New Year and a happy, healthy, prosperous 2010. It’s also customary to overview the passed year and summarize on what have been achieved or missed. So here’s the digest of the best posts of 2009 in the order of the most hits: -…


RIA’s revolution and Mobile Devices (Rant)

There’s been an explosion of the web and cloud related development tools and services such as Web 2.0, RIA’s, Silverlight, multiple cloud services, AZURE etc… Big companies (including Microsoft) have been pushing to move away from fat clients to a thinner clients consisting mostly of the browser. This is all great and understandable however looking…


A few more tips on customizing ListView

Last time I showed you on how to customize ListView control on WM 6.5 for .NET CF 3.5. Today I am going to show you a few more. They are all based on the same paradigm – changing an extended style of a ListView control. First one is to enable showing grid lines: /// <summary> ///…


A few tips on customizing ListView in WM 6.5

Would you like to have ListView control in your .NET CF application on Windows Mobile 6.5 to have this fancy gradient item selections (they are defined by the current theme on the device)? The secret is in the extended style LVS_EX_THEME that needs to be applied to a ListView. It could be done by sending…


Teched in Russia.

I have been invited to speak at the Teched conference (Platforma 2010) in Russia. I will be speaking about a wide range of topics on development for Windows Mobile 6.5 plartform such as UI Framework, Gesture API’s and Widgets. Marat is going to help me with a part of the presentation. This should be somewhat challenging…


Managed wrapper of the Gesture APIs

Ron and I did a part 1 of the Webcast on the Gesture APIs in the Windows Mobile 6.5 and a managed wrapper that we created. In this Webcast we talked about GestureRecognizer class. You can catch a recording from here: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?culture=en-US&EventID=1032422141&CountryCode=US   In the Part 2 we will be describing the Physics engine and WAG…


Porting IPhone applications to Windows Mobile

An interesting article has been recently published on Msdn that describes the real-world experiences of porting the IPhone application to the Windows Mobile platform. When reading the article I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the developers end up using my UI framework to reproduce look and feel of the IPhone application. It is…


Introduction into touch.

Take a look at this great introduction into the world of touch screens and gestures by Marcus. He also starts describing the APIs that are available in Windows Mobile 6.5 for handling gestures.


New attractive controls for mobile development.

There’s a new company that has just released a few really nice controls for .NET Compact Framework and which you can use to develop attractive UIs in your Windows Mobile applications: http://www.beemobile4.net/ They where nice to let me know that they’ve learned a lot from my blog and webcasts on creating cool UI’s. It is…


WM 6.5 Develper Tool Kit

The Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit is available for download. It includes the Emulator images as well as the documentation and the samples on Gesture APIs. Enjoy!