Moving to a New blog

Since I’d left Microsoft a few months ago I am moving to a new host for my blog here:

In the process of updating FeedPoint app.

I am in the middle of updating of my FeedPoint app. Of course I am changing it to work with Feedly API’s instead of Google ones. I am also revamping the UX design for the app. Here’re a few screenhshots of the new Hub page in the app:   The update will be coming soon to the…

Sync Framework for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

One of the DPE’s from France Sebastien Pertus has done an excellent job by porting the SyncFx 4.0 to run against Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 apps. As a local database his code is using the SQLite database which as you know is available for both platforms. Check out Sebastien’s walkthrough here:  …

Windows 8 store apps designs fiesta.

If you are developing Windows 8 apps you’d be interested in these 50 (!) design templates:   Better yet – they all come with the source code for both C#\XAML and JS\HTML! Enjoy!