FeedPoint app has been published.

The feed reader app that I've been talking about in my previous posts has been published on the marketplace:


I've decided not to make it a free app (it just a dollar) due to marketplace restrictions for a free apps. The trial is a fully functional version except for a short message in the beginning. Initially I've created this app just for myself, but one of my friends convinced my to publish it. So here it is :). The latest walkthrough of the functionality is here:


And I am planning to continue adding more features to my app.

Happy New Year and enjoy...



Comments (3)
  1. Prathiraj says:

    looks like it is not trial enabled. It's an awesome app though, waiting for instapaper and RIL support. Thanks for this app Alex

  2. AlexYak says:

    Thanks, Prathiraj. I am trying to resolve the trial issue with the marketplace support.

  3. Radulf says:

    Nice and clean looking app. Can you add an option for black background?

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