Importing Outlook contacts into WP7.

The Windows Phone 7 doesn't sync the contacts from the Outlook without a connection to the Exchachge server. I've seen a few customers asking about the ways to be able to do it. This KB article outlines the way you could do it:


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  1. Janos says:

    This is nice. I spent lot of money for WP7 phone now I cannot import directly from Outlook. What I would like to see is a DIRECT sync. I do not want to upload it to Hotmail.

  2. Dragos says:

    The same problem… I own a small business so I don't have an Exchange server and I also don't want to upload all my business contacts to Live servers.

  3. EastlandS says:

    Agree.  I have been using WM for over 10 years so the transition to WP7 is coming as quite a shock.

    I particularly dislike having to sync with the cloud and having to pay MS to load self developed apps.

    First impressions are not good.  I've avoided using Apple because I didn't like being locked into iTunes etc.  Now it seems MS is going the same way.

    Really disappointed.

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