Windows Phone Developer Tools RTM’ed!

The WPDT has gone gold and available for download:

Windows Phone Developer Tools

The tools include the Panorama, Pivot and Bing Map control.

Also the team has released the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit which includes the controls and components that are not included in the WPDT:

·         ContextMenu

·         DatePicker/TimePicker

·         Gesture Recognizer

·         ToggleSwitch

·         WrapPanel

Here's another jam - you can download the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7!



Comments (7)

  1. RichardHeuser says:

    This is great but I expected the Panaorama and Pivot controls.  Are we to use the ones in Codeplex or do you know?

  2. AlexYak says:

    The Panorama and Pivot as well as Bin Map controls are a part of the WPDT.

  3. RichardHeuser says:

    I see that there are now project templates for Panorama and Pivot applications.

  4. pocketpcfanboi says:

    Awesome new UI stuff, but will my plain vanilla .NET CF 2 WM managed app install and run as-is on a WP7 device?  (Hope hope hope…)  Or, is it back to the drawing board and time to buy midnight oil for me?

  5. AlexYak says:

    @pocketpcfanboi – No, your program is not going to work out of the box. The security, deployment and UI models have changed. The development model is based on Silverlight. Having said that the porting effort of your .NET CF app will depend on how it was designed, if business logic was separated from the UI etc…

  6. pocketpcfanboi says:

    Rats.  On the outside, it's just a bunch of VB forms that read and write to files in various ways, using ordinary form controls.  Tame lame and boring and of no use to the masses, it's a targeted business app with a limited base but the user's love it.  I guess I will need to roll up my sleeves to make 'em love it again on their Windows Phone.  Thanks for your reply.  Crap, another code base to maintain.  Such is the life of a programmer.

  7. Erik Reppen says:

    A stand-alone download for the emulator with a simple config file would be  appreciated by front end/UI web devs.

    I can't speak for others of my ilk but it's really not selling me on MS development software to be forced to download VS Express 2010 (they have the full version of 2008 here – oops – not compatible – really? I had to support IE 6 for 10 years but you guys won't even go back 2?) and XNA Game Studio just to check look, feel and JS behavior on a mostly static site.

    I'm aware of the PageUp key trick for keyboard access, which is nice. A config file would still be lovely.

    Otherwise, it's been a relatively lightweight and stable emulator experience. Thanks for that. It's a treat after dealing with blackberry emus.

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