FeedPoint app has been published.

The feed reader app that I’ve been talking about in my previous posts has been published on the marketplace:  http://social.zune.net/redirect?type=phoneApp&id=ec451fcf-7b10-e011-9264-00237de2db9e I’ve decided not to make it a free app (it just a dollar) due to marketplace restrictions for a free apps. The trial is a fully functional version except for a short message in the…


MY FEEDER is available for beta testing.

The feed reader app that I described in my previous post is ready to for beta testing. So if you own a developer unlocked Window Phone 7, have Google Reader account and willing to beta test the app (I named it MY FEEDER) send me email at alex.yakhnin(at)microsoft.com. I’ve also recorded a short video of the functionality of the application.


(Y)et (A)nother (F)eed (R)eader for WP7

I don’t know how about you, but I love the Outlook app on the Windows Phone 7. I like its simplicity, readability, ability to quickly triage the email, etc… I also read feeds every day using the Google Reader on the web. I’ve been looking through a number of available feed readers for WP7 on…


Importing Outlook contacts into WP7.

The Windows Phone 7 doesn’t sync the contacts from the Outlook without a connection to the Exchachge server. I’ve seen a few customers asking about the ways to be able to do it. This KB article outlines the way you could do it: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2454811  


Migrate PickerBox and ListPicker to SL Toolkit.

As you already know, the SL Toolkit team has recently released the update to the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit. This update includes a few controls that I developed in order to fill up the gap – ListPicker and PickerBox controls. So I would recommend to the people who have been using my versions in…


The new release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit

The Silverlight Toolkit team has just published the new release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit. The update includes the following goodings: AutoCompleteBox (fully themed for Metro) ListPicker (Works as a ListPicker for <5 items and as PickerBox for more) LongListSelector (Real jewel – a custom listbox control that allows to have groupings, headers and…


OData client source and binaries for WP7.

The OData client library as well as its source are available for download from the codeplex. The download also includes the sample app utlilizing the Northwind database.    


Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7.

The full version of the book: Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold is available for download.  


Sync Framework for WP7.

The Sync Framework 4.0 (they jumped over the v3) October CTP is available for download. This framework is built on a top a standard protocol – OData and implements an “assymetric” syncing – meaning that most of the synchronization logic will be running on the service side. The release includes server and client components that…


Great performance tips when creating WP7 apps.

Kevin, from Clarity has started a blog post series on the tips when developing WP7 applications. Hist first post dives into the nitty gritty details on how to improve performance of your applications. Must read!.