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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Any chance of managed wrappers coming for those APIs?

  2. Pavel Gnatyuk says:

    Why it is DK without ‘S’? Shoud be SDK?

  3. priozersk says:


    Take a look at this post for explanation:

    Kevin, I hear you… 😉

  4. Hi there!

    I work for an ISV. I’m currently developing a C++ application for smart devices (it must support from Win CE to Win Mobile 6) -my app is not a driver-.

    I’m thinking about testing tools for it.

    I found two: TUX and TUX.Net (the managed version).

    What do you recommed for me?

    -Using TUX? (Does TUX work for non driver unmanaged applications?)

    -Using TUX.Net? (Do I need to write managed wrappers?)

    -How can I integrate any of the test harness (TUX or TUX.Net) with Team System? -Unit test & code coverage-

    Thank u so much!

    Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

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